Moar music, moar music! This interview is from a few days in the is spacey and nice. Give it a go..

Milk Shots 2 by CL◉SE

Strawberry Scantron by CL◉SE


1. Hey Close! How’s the day going?

Yoooo. The day is nice, just got back to Florida from having Thanksgiving up in Michigan with my family.

2. What got you interested in producing?

A number of different things, nothing specific that at one moment made me go “YEAH! THAT RIGHT THERE! THAT IS FOR ME!” Listening to music growing up, and listening to it critically even at a young age, like breaking down instruments and picking apart production techniques was always second nature to me. Luckily the majority of music I was exposed to during this early stage of my life was classic 90’s hip hop, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang, De La Soul, The Fugees, all that.

Rally Car (CL◎SE Remix) by CL◉SE

3. How would you describe your music, apart from genres?

This is perfect, because I don’t really like using genres, they have their place but I dislike how they tend to box things up. My music, from my perspective, is like an exchange student to the LA sound. I came of age on hip hop from my senior year of high school on, which is when I started making tunes. My musical diet consisted of nothing but MF DOOM, Madlib, and the late great J Dilla for at least a solid year and a half. Then I discovered Flying Lotus sometime in 2008. I’ve been pretty much emulating and attempting to expand the finer points of the LA sound with my own sound and niche.

4. If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and what would you make?

I would have to say J. Cole. He’s one of my heroes. I never aspired to rap or anything like that, but he gave me hope for what hip hop is supposed to be, and proved it can exist in a very true form in the present. I think it’d be a challenge, mostly due to the fact that I don’t make a lot of music with vocals, but I’d be inspired to make some classic grotesque ass basement rap beats with that dude. Either him or Nas.

5. What’s the electronic community like in your area?

I live in Orlando, and have for a year and some coins now, going to school at Full Sail University. The electronic community is healthy from a fanbase standpoint, but there really aren’t a lot of go-to type people who are out doing shows every week. Not a lot of venues or avenues for “weird” electronic music down here. Lots of house music fans though.

6. Any projects in the works?

Yeah I got some tunes with fellow SoundClouder Wrex Mason we’re finishing up for this free EP of ours. I’m also working on a whole bunch of tracks for a few EP ideas of my own. I’m big on making odes and remixes, so I’m probably gonna do a series of little “Ode” EPs since I have so many of those types of tracks. I also have tracks for my Milk EP that I’ve been trying to get together, classic Close tracks that I’m pretty excited about.

New Shoes (Ode to Mac Miller) by CL◉SE

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