DD Your song “letter” is masterful. The paper rustling sounds are so organic and just thrust you into the song..how did that song come about?

YH First of all, I make the concept for every song, and this time, I decided to make a personal and spiritual song with the sound of writing. I put my 2 microphones on the desk, put out the paper and took a pencil, then I wrote and recorded. After recording, I cut the sounds in splinters, and put them to my sampler. As you know, I love to use the lively sound that can show the scenery and let us feel the materials.


DD Production wise, how long did it take to get that very raw ethereal sounds out? A lot of running kinds of sounds, very visual..

YH I take a long time to realize my imagination. As I told you in the previous question, I record the sounds as much as I can. Sometimes, the recorded sounds don’t suit my imagination. In such a situation, I don’t hesitate to edit deeply. And you saying the word “visual” is very important to me.

What are some of your biggest non-musical influences?

YH To tell the truth, I learned architecture at a university. I love the spatial art really, and I want to make spatial sounds.

DD How’s the electronic community for you in Tokyo? Have you played much in other countries?

YH Most of the time, I created my sounds alone..but recently, I’m increasing my friends. They have great sense and great personalities at the same time. KK from LO-VIBES, Daisuke Tanabe and Dai Kurihara from CIRCULATIONS, Masaaki Hara and Riow Arai from disques corde, COSMOPOLYPHONIC RADIO crew..

This summer, I went to France to play with my Eklektik Records family and to join in on the movie festival. I don’t have many chances to play abroad. If there is a chance to go, I’d love to!!

What impact would you like to leave with your music? How do you plan on carrying your art forward in 2011?

YH I’m always thinking about how to create the fresh stuff, And I’ll keep searching for new ways in the future. I think, to find a new direction, I should explore my inner self more. I wanna surprise and excite the listener. That’s the biggest impact.

In 2011, I have a plan for an EP, album, remixes , and joining a compilation album. And some music for a movie. In a few years, I want to make a kind of spatial art with sounds. I’m also an acoustic engineer, so I would like to use my skills with that.

Any encouragement for young producers who are getting inspired by the sounds they are hearing now?

YH I don’t have an authority that can advise yet, but I have one thing I’ve been believing..It’s to be original. There’s lots of music in this saturated market, so there must be a unique method. To be original is to be yourself. To stand with your own two legs on this earth is the most happy thing.


Yosi Horikawa on Soundcloud 

– Jimi Jaxon