Moar talent! Moar music! All the way from fukin Bulgaria..


DD: You’ve got a band you play in, as well as these more beat oriented songs yah?  Is it all the same members? In what ways does being in a band help compliment your  work as producers?

AO: Hi, yeah its all the same members for both releases. We are four guys. Bobby – synths,  Jordan – sax,leads (also records pianos for the productions), Ivan – drums  (both acoustic for recording and electronic for live) and me on electric bass and bass synths. The intersting thing is that half of the band (drummer and sax) are both musicians with degrees in pop/jazz at the music academy and me and Bobby are not trained musicians. Actually, we are the more electronic music oriented guys. We have always wanted to record real instruments. to get some nice drums and mics. in the first album there is maybe just one or two samples and everything else is recording. We try to combine electronic music and live instruments.

DD: I really like Novo, tell us about the EP that this song’s on..

AO: Novo is a shifty one. it has few samples and the signature is odd. i think it was 7/4. We have really enjoyed what has happened in the beat scene for the last few years. This EP is like our ode to this scene. We got a few small beats together and decided to release them with an intro and outro. The first tune is something like the bridge between our music and beats. Also with an irregular sig at 17/16. The last one is a return to a more ambient jazzy thing that we used to do.

DD: What got you guys interested in electronic music?

AO: For me personally and Bobby, it was early drum and bass, ambient and dub 11-12 years ago. Bobby was doing tracks on a tracker program..thats how we listened and to some interesting music like Tokyo Dawn Recs which was an .xm label at some point, also Warp artists..Good Looking Records. Generally, the band is interested in many genres other than electronic music.. styles like hip hop/funk/jazz/metal/rnb.

DD: How did you meet and decide on collaborating with each other?

AO: I have always played with Ivan (drums), we are brothers. We have tunes with Bobby from 2002, and some other projects before this one. But, we got it going when Jordan came which was in 2006. They were colleagues with my bro in the music academy. Since then we have performed live. Other than the album “Oddity” and the “Beats EP” we have been working on a big project that will be out after a year or two.

Currently working more on the live performances..

DD: What your favorite thing about producing?

AO: The crazy feeling that you get when you create something strong. It makes your feet go on their own, coming back from the studio.

DD: Anything in the works for 2011?

AO: Yes, there is a new EP on the way.
DD: What artists are you currently obsessed with?

AO: Dimlite is really good.
Got a whole string of posts to go up before 2010 is up, Goin out in styllleeeeee