Daft Punk 4 eva! I jumped on their obsessive fan base after seeing the Alive 2007 tour.  Now, we see their latest project..the soundtrack to Tron: Legacy. In honor of this film debuting today in the U.S. , I’m posting some of my favorite Daft Punk materials, since their first appearances here on Earth. All respect to Daft Punk! Always pushing and expanding what can be done as an artist today. Honored that they were my introduction to electronic music, a genre I’m now devoted to. These two robots help me push for constant  develop and transformation.

Here we go!

To start: This 3 part BBC story/interview on Daft Punk is RAD!

Do your homework!

When I found this ahh!

On to Discovery..

Human After All, not as well received. It all came together in the end though..with Alive 2007!

Went to a screening of Electroma..I was feeling it. Some people didn’t.

Alive 2007..I was there! Started everything for me

And now, Tron:Legacy! Worked for 2 years on the soundtrack

Here’s to the future!