Jeez! Gotta be one of my favorite posts this year.


1. I think your style is super fresh. The 8bit sounds melded with your dope beats is mesmerizing. How would you describe your music to people?

First off, thanks! I’d say my style is… well, I used to listen to chiptunes, music made by the same sound chips inside early video game systems. I loved the sounds and melodic emphasis of it, but the drums were always so weak, and it sounded held back by the fact it was a direct emulation of old sound chips. My music is the melody and sounds of chiptunes, combined with all the good, hard hitting aspects of modern electronic hip-hop. Sometimes I make old-school synths (squares, triangles, sines) to supply that authentic chippy sound, but I also love sampling orchestral stuff and getting that big, epic sound. Finally, I have massive respect for anyone who plays a real instrument, so I always try to lay down some piano or bass guitar on my beats to give it a bit of timelessness.

2. What video games that especially influence your sound and mindset as an artist?

Castlevania and Metroid, my two favorite series ever. Both have music that’s about evoking emotion from the player as they explore unknown places, and I think you’ll find a similar quality in my music. A lot of it tries to capture a certain tone.

3. How’s the electronic scene in San Diego?

The scene is always growing. Now days, if I get into a conversation about music with a group of people, chances are most of them either make music or have attempted to. Lots of MCs trying to break out, too.

4. What impact would you like to leave with your music?

I’d like other beat makers to know that they can make the biggest, “dirtiest” tracks, but eventually that sound is gonna be antiquated if they just rely on electronics to do it for them. Already, so many beats sound nearly identical because everyone’s trying to produce the same dirty synths and sounds with the same sets of tools. Dubstep really suffers from this, which is why I can’t get down to it. But really, I wish more electronic music producers would pick up a damn instrument.

5. How you developed over this past year? Any plans going in 2011 for PostPre?

This past year has been a crazy period of growth for me. I’ve finally found a style, you know? It takes a lot of failure before you do that. As for 2011, I’ve finally achieved my goal of selling a few beats to some real interesting hip-hop groups. It’s gonna be a trip to see how my style sounds with some real MCs on top, so keep an eye out!

6. What songs stuck in your head right now?

– JJ