DD: I really enjoy these strange, stretched out moods you create. How would  you describe your music?

Not sure really how to describe it. Several people have mentioned that it has enhanced their drug experiences. I strive to incorporate the dreaminess of shoegaze, creative use of samples like Disco Inferno / Laika / Moonshake, quirky song structure of Polvo backed with old school and modern beats. So far it’s been hit and miss, but perhaps in time everything might come together a bit better. Every finished track is on soundcloud regardless of the outcome.



DD:You’re from Everett, Wa – nice to find a local! What artists from around here are you into? How about in other parts on the world?

All of these can be found on souncloud:

thunderclap headache from Seattle is brilliant and has great diversity, if you aren’t really feeling one there are probably 10 others you will

Fearcut from Olympia has an interesting sound

A Gap Between out of Portland is ridiculously smooth

Gloam down in Vancouver always has something unique going on

Crazy Old Bat puts out lots of extra creepy bass-heavy tracks.

Probably no need to mention how great Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, etc… are so I’ll stick with lesser knowns from soundcloud. Following 400+ artists/labels/blogs and every one of them are talented and wonderful in their own way! Some faves off the top of my head:

Young Montana? / Stephen Farris / Daylight Rain / Ohsaurus – all of Grappa Frisbee / S. Maharba / Lockbox / Al_pd / brokenchord / Say My Name / Sly Vintage / Impossible Nothing / Drugg / Old Arc / oa koak

DD: What got you interested in producing?


A lifelong obsession with music and a gnawing feeling in the stomach that had to be dealt with. I’ve always had the interest but failed using just a drum machine, or picking up an actual instrument. Huge amount of respect for those who can pull it off live, but my interests lie solely in putting sounds together on the laptop from scratch without sampling another artists work. Of course there is nothing wrong with sampling the work of others, just made a decision not to go down that path and keep focused on trying to create new sounds.

DD: What plans do you have as an artist for 2011?

An ep is about half finished for a net label. If they are satisfied with the results it should be out in a few months hopefully. Spending lots of time building up a library of random noise samples. Might end up using all sampled sounds for awhile. There are so many people on soundcloud that have the Brainfeeder / 8 bit / blunted hip hop beats mastered that I will just enjoy what they are doing and not duplicate it. Since 2010 was my first year producing wanted to keep it real simple. 2011 should involve more learning and watching more youtube production videos. Really need to get the beat skills improved.

DD: What’s the best show you’ve seen in your life so far?

My Bloody Valentine 4.28.2009 at the WAMU theatre. My all time favorite band by far. Dream come true to finally see them live, and of course the sound level was overwhelming which added to the enjoyment.

Best overall artistic performance would be the Faust show I was fortunate enough to attend. Anytime a member of the band ends up buck naked wielding a chainsaw by the end of the show you know it’s been a good one.


A very close honorable mention for artistic performance would be any number of Caroliner Rainbow shows.


DD: Last words? 

I really love this blog. To find someone that was writing about the people I follow and listen to every day was really cool. Here’s to much success for Disco Droppings in the future! We are all so fortunate to be able to create and then instantly share with others. The beat scene has been a wonderful breath of fresh air the past few years because besides grime, hip-hop had pretty much died for me long ago.

A huge thank you to my wife who has always supported me and is for the most part pretty patient when it’s only going to be “20 minutes” to finish some part of a song. Thanks to all who listen and create!


More songs from Gronxkey 

– jimijaxon