Gots to share some recent songs from SeePM, gots to



DD: Whatsuppppppppppp?

SP: hello mate, not much – just about to go and play some squash and sweat it out on my lunch break! …. actually, those are some noises i should sample….!

DD: What’s squash like?

SP: A lot of fun, man. It’s a good way to bang out some stress and sweat your nuts off for 45 minutes!

DD: Haha..The “One Step Closer (See PM Rejig)” is very bright and sunny sounding. How’d you enjoy putting that one together?

SP: Thanks man. Yeah it’s fun to mash up a pop ‘classic’ every now and again haha. Not sure why, but I’ve had an urge to destroy this particular pop atrocity for a while now and I have to say it was pretty satisfying. All the brightness (emotional and sonic) comes from the sample really – i just had to fuck with it and fill it out with some funky synths!

DD: oooO so exciting SeePM. Well you’ve got lots of love from myself and Disco Droppings, any final words for now?

SP: Just thanks for the continued support man. Massively appreciate the love. Big love from London!
– jimijaxon