DD: Alright Jamie, hello hello. What are you doing right now?

JG: I have just woken up!

DD: Awww, what did you dream about?

JG: Spaceships and dinosaurs

DD: Are any of your songs about such things? You’ve got a pretty lush, floating kind of vibe..

JG: Yeah they’re pretty much all prehistoric house renditions of alien encounters I’ve had over the years.


DD: Haha, man I’ve been interviewing some damn good writers lately. You are very funny. Tell the readers a bit about yourself, what brought you into electronic production? And what’s helped you stick with it?

JG: I’ve always been interested in music, and computers – just kind of makes sense really. I guess it makes it easier to keep making music when people actually listen to it..But I suppose I’d still be making music anyway regardless as it’s still just a hobby, not a career!

DD: You release music on a few labels am I right? Are these close to where you live?

JG: Well I’m signed to Infrasonics – which is a London based label. I live in Leeds, which is a couple of hours north of London. I also brought out my Footwork EP on Fortified Audio, which is based in Glasgow, Scotland – that’s a few hours north of Leeds. So neither labels are exactly local, but not a million miles away either.

DD: What do you gots planned for the rest of 2011?

JG: Couple more releases, more gigs, fly to space, yada yada…

DD: =) Final words? Coming to Seattle anytime soon?

JG: Final words… dongle, and celery. No US plans yet – but would love to go – hopefully soon…




– jimijaxon