ohh shit smoooth and free for download =)


DD: our sound quality is superb! Really envelops the listener. How would you describe your sound?

H: ha, well thanks. glad u dig.  To me, heRobust is kind of a slowed n throwed take on future funk.  Its definitely derived from hip hop.  The most defining characteristic is probably my synths.  They’re typically pretty glossy with sci fi undertones, but I arrange them into soulful progressions. My percussion is usually sparse, but I try to pack a wallop.


DD: I especially like the way the vocals are used. Where do those come from?

H: All over man.  Mostly old soul records, but I like sampling stuff from different cultures a lot too.  west africa, especially…

DD: What was your introduction to electronic music?

H: Easy.  Prefuse73 – One Word Extinguisher.  I used to produce hip hop growing, but that record changed everything.  Squarepusher was a big influence too, but I connected so strongly with the hip hop styles of Prefuse.

DD: What is the electronic scene like in Atlanta? I think your the first artist I’ve featured from Georgia.

H: lol, there’s a reason for that.  ATL electronica scene is not so developed.  Most electronica fans out here are into american dubstep or stuff like STS9, which is cool.  There’s not much out here in the way of “beats.”

DD: What plans are you making as an artist for 2011?

H: Oh boy.  tons…  heRobust is my solo beat project.  Im releasing a free EP called Albumin on SATURATE records.  This drops on 2-1-11.  Im also involved in two collaborations.  Mane Mane is a collab between me and C Powers.  Its a really dusty, experimental project.  We’re dopping our LP, Mane2Mane, real soon on UUU Tapes.  Lastly, Im collabing with Leonard Dstroy and this year should see a few releases from us as well.

DD: Any shows your dying to see this year?

H: Dorian Concept.  One of the most musically talented producers as far as performing is concerned.  No question.

DD: Last words?

H: Yeah man, Im a fiend for new music.  If any of your readers make music themselves, please feel free to hit me up.  Iv met a lot of cool people this way. heRobustMusic@gmail.com

heRobust on Soundcloud 


– jimijaxon