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DD: Aww another artist from France. I would like to visit very badly. What are you doing right now?

CP: Yes I’m from France, it’s a nice country and I would strongly advise you to visit when you get the chance. Lately I haven’t been as productive as I used to be, as my main focus recently, I’ve been trying to learn tablas which is a very versatile indian percussion, but it’s also very demanding and needs a lot of work to be mastered. Hopefully I will be able to spice up my electronic music production with it in a very near future, nonetheless I’ve been working on some tunes in many different styles as usual.

DD: I would love to hear some tabla music when that comes together. How did you get interested in electronic music?

CP: I started with metal actually and very quickly picked up a guitar belonging to my father, then started to play in a few metal bands. Then I learned drums, around ’98 my interest in electronic music started to grow. I was very enthusiastic when I first discovered electronic music, I was deep into Tricky, Amon Tobin, Squarepusher, but also some Drum and Bass, mainly Roni Size, Four Heroes etc.. At that time the computer started to be able to handle audio processing, so I started to experiment with sampling, sound processing etc., but it was purely for fun and it wasn’t my main musical focus at the time. Then a time went by and we (our band) started to introduce some electronic elements in our instrumental music and when my last band to date stopped, I decided to focus more on electronic production, and as I was getting better, the music started to get better too, and this led to my first gigs and first releases, and I definitely hope I will keep on improving my musical skills.


DD: Coming from bands earlier in your life, do you ever collaborate with other artists in songs?

CP: Yes I did quite a few collabs in different styles, I think the key here is to trust (and respect) the creative and musical skills of your partner but overall it really is a hit or miss process it really depends who you’re writing with. if the persons involved have the right attitude it will yield great results, to sum up working with the right person will be a real pleasure, working with someone who isn’t opened to discussion can become a real chore.

DD: Do you play out much in France? What does the electronic community look like there?

CP: I used to play out a lot but no so much anymore as what I really enjoyed is creating new stuff, playing for a crowd isn’t so exciting for me anymore. Regarding the musical scene in France there’s a lot of different styles represented obviously, I think the most developed  is probably the electro house scene, the kind of stuff JUSTICE and the label Ed Banger is putting out, there’s also quite a few minimal techno nights going on, other than that every style is out there but it’s more underground, there’s a decent Drum n Bass and IDM scene too but there isn’t a lot of producers…but there’s a lot of events so overall I would say the electronic music scene is rather healthy.

DD: What future projects are you most excited to work on?

CP: I really want to start working on some cross genre music, so far I’ve been producing within easily identified genres (Drum n Bass, IDM, Minimal) and I would like to think more outside the box and be ablet to mix all my different influences into one unique style, it’s easier said than done but hopefully this project will come to life in the near future.



DD: Onward and upward! Any final words?

CP: i was very pleased to answer your questions, and glad you find my music worth interest.

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– jimijaxon