DD: Loving this spread out feel of “Flotsam”. Welcome to Disco Droppings man. Watchadoin right now?



Thanks – yeah, Flotsam felt good to produce. Now I’m working on the next releases. We’re doing another EP with Sonarpilot originals and remixes. I love that format. It is very inspiring, you never know what someone else will do with your material. Whenever the first version of a new remix come in it feels like unpacking a very exclusive present. And the next remixes will be very strong. After the Simbad and Ramadanman mixes on EP1, we have just released EP2 with Planet Mu artist Oriol and Kay Suzuki. All great guys – and very different.


DD: You’ve been honing your musical craft for quite a while yah? How would you describe your current style and work as Sonar Pilot? 



The concept of the project Sonarpilot is to cruise through the vast universe of electronic music and bring back bits and pieces from different corners – musically and geographically. I think of the listeners as the passengers in a sonic space ship that takes them on an acoustic journey. I enjoy the variety of styles out there a lot and like playing with them. Combine that with all the technology we have today and I sometimes feel like a kid in a candy store when I am working on new material. Right now I am cruising somewhere between UK post-dubstep, more classical old school Detroit techno plus a bit of Berlin vibe.


DD: What’s the electronic community like in Switzerland? I think your the first artist I’ve featured from over there.

Well, there are the heroes of my generation, Yello and the Young Gods. But they’re all old geezers by now =) In the 90’s Zurich played an important role in the continental techno scene. But maybe more as a location of clubs and raves. There are a few techno and trance producers but in general there’s not a scene that I am really aware of or part of here.  

DD: Best encouragement you’ve gotten as an artist? 

It’s all the feedback we’ve had for the releases so far. The CD we published last year got some amazing reviews. The EP with Ramadanman and Simbad was very well received and the reviews of the EP we just released have also been very positive. It’s just nice to see that people out there like the tunes and playing them out.

DD: Final words?

Well, we have lined up a series of pretty strong releases and look forward to expanding the catalogue of the label this year. We are also thinking about putting together a series of vinyl releases. For that we will work together with visual artists whose work will complement the music in some way. We are always interested in collaborations with other people and artists; so people out there – ping us if you want to get involved! 



Sonar Pilot on Soundcloud 

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