I’ve been anxiously waiting to share this feature. This duo have been working tirelessly on their album, “Feed Villian Swing”, which was released on Red Couch Records (6/28/11). I highly encourage you to head over to their Bandcamp and snag it for $7. Dungeons and DJ’s have graciously donated two exclusive tracks to Disco Droppings, “Way Down” and “Knight Riders”. These are placed a little further down in this post, go find em!

I will be playing this album out in future DJ sets, Seattle will know about Dungeons and DJ’s! 


DD: Welcome Dungeons and DJ’s! How is it down in Texas? 

D&D: Pretty swell, I stayed up all night making music…on my second cup of coffee…have some fresh herbs to enjoy…I can’t complain =)

DD: I was just at a small party with some friends, played them some tracks from your Soundcloud. They dug it! I’m really interested in the world influenced electronic songs. What got you turned onto these kinds of influences?

D&D: Talking Heads & David Byrne “Naked” was a heavily world music influenced album and it struck me at a pretty young age,….Bobby Mcferrin, all the Reggae and Dub Culture from Jamaica, all stuff I was exposed to in the 80’s and 90’s as a youngster, my father is jeweler/sculptor/luthier so I spent a lot of time at festivals and music events…


My music is often sample based and I use everything I’ve ever collected in my musical journeys and listening experiences, even stuff like KPM movie and commercial music gets sampled… I’ve always been into all of it, jazz, world music, tribal chanting, punk, gypsy swing, folk, I don’t give a fuck rock, calypso, latin jazz… whatever…. music is music and it’s all beautiful, if it has soul and is done with practiced hands and minds…

Some recent Soundcloud material is my experimenting with native latin rythm’s (in particular Peruvian and Columbian ) and tons of 1920’s swing and gypsy jazz. I’m trying to take it in a futuristic direction, but also stay true to the roots of the music. Really taking a bare essentials approach with most of it and leaving a lot of the effects, as I’ve grown kinda tired of hearing the same drop and the same filter in/out in some of the current electro swing and world electronic scenes…


DD: What do you enjoy most about producing? 

D&D: The joy I get from it!!! It’s def all about the love…even if nobody listened to my music I’d still be making it in my living room/bedroom/studio…if I didn’t have electronics (I make pretty much all my music digitally) I’d be banging on hand drums and basses and piano’s, making music just gets me really excited and engaged and happy. =)

It’s a spine tingle…thats the best way I can describe it, I think my brain likes making music so much it releases extra seratonin when im workin on tracks or something….


DD: What future plans are there for Dungeons & DJ’s? If you’re ever up in Seattle come find me so we can play a show together =) 

D&D: Who knows? We have a lot of ideal people in our family LOL…. we got plans for culture based websites & blogging, really want to just start playing live more regularly (both DJ’ing and doing live original sets) and developing a relationship with the party people and heads of Austin, Texas. =)

We’re playing some bad ass weddings/parties for friends in the very near future, which is always intimate and fun, and a few bigger festivals later on this summer, and we always throw supreme underground parties around town  …. in June we started our first monthly event called “Whomp Stomp Wednesdays” at a spot in downtown Austin…focusing on “bass/crunk/future/funk”… or whatever that is interpreted as by the resident DJ’s and myself that evening hahaha…doubt youll hear any Skrillex or Nero or Rusko type dubstep tho lol, respect all those cats but I’ve heard enough for the moment…we’re more about the soul and atmosphere and funkiness. =)

…Will hopefully have some tracks released later this summer, sending them off for mastering…been working on some very rooted, simple, beautiful garage/bass/brainstep style beats and really happy with the results got a few of the tracks posted on the Soundcloud like “only u” & “queen of sky” tho both those versions weren’t final mixes…still gives you a good idea of how my studio time has been being spent I think….really itching to get back into producing some really different sounding electro-swing future gypsy weird world beat glitch stuff soon as well…


– Jimi Jaxon