Grl you know I’m up on that culture. This fine photographer sends his love from Spain. I now happily share his most recent musings on the USA.

DD: Hi there Erion! High quality photos you’ve got! Very impressive and sexy. What were some major influences for your Americano shoot?

Hi!, thanks for this interview, i’m very excited. First, I love the USA, this is my biggest influence. I like to soak up American culture, and wanted to capture this in photography. Other influences were magazines like Coitus Magazine, Vanity Teen, YVY Mag and Fiasco Mag. I love the male models from the USA, they have made great editorials.

DD: Groovy electronic music on your videos like Robyn and Faithless I believe..Do you got out to many shows to see these kinds of artists?

That is an excellent question, yes. I see many videos and shows, listen to great music and I love Robyn. I spend the day listening to music and need to hear this to make my photo shoots. There’s a connection between my photos and music. My favorite artists inspire me and help me to create fantastic projects, it’s all in harmony.


DD: What’s something you hope to accomplish as an artist?

I hope to reach my dream of being recognized for my work. To enjoy making it and to make people happy. As I mentioned in an earlier response, I would like to work in the U.S. and fulfill my dream of working in fashion and advertising photography.

DD: Any final words? Lot’s of love from Seattle, USA!

I love the USA, I hope to one day live in the USA; it’s a wonderful country and thank you for this lovely interview. + Full Americano shoot featured at F*CKTEEN! MGZN 

– Jimi Jaxon