DD: Welcome Old Arc! Whatchadoin right now?

OA: Right now we are in a three story apartment complex, that hasn’t been renovated since the 60’s, discussing future plans & writing new material. We have coffee jitters.

DD: You have a strong airy, throwback feel to your productions. I love it! Very fresh. What do you enjoy most about producing?

OA: Stefen: I like how open-ended production can be. I’ll be really into a band for a while and want to make music that reflects their production in some way. Then another day I’ll be into some random hip-hop and try to make something that sounds like that. I shamelessly borrow ideas.

OA: Austin: With production I feel capable of creating any sound I want. It may take some work and countless redundant tweaking of a certain sound but in the end if I don’t make any compromises then of course I’m stoked & I get my message across. It’s also way more ‘lax then having to play instruments to some crazy time signature. 


DD: Old Arc is a duo yes? How long have you guys been collaborating? Any other production work you guys do outside of this group?

OA: Yes it is just the two of us & we’ve been collaborating a little more than a year now.  Old Arc Actually spawned from both of our solo projects, Atlantic At Pacific & Baromet.

DD: What’s the electronic community like in your area?

OA: Not very present at the moment. We’re trying to start up a community of different artist & musicians through a label we run with Mikey Maramag (Blackbird Blackbird) called Ufolk Records. We have a couple friends in the Bay Are who are up and coming but other than that it’s just us.


DD: What’s keeps you motivated?

OA: Watching artists we’ve befriended blow up. It’s inspiring to see real people with real talent make it somewhere independently.

DD: Last words?

OA: We trying to tour, we’d like to play where you live! Get at us! oldarcmusic@gmail.com

Old Arc on Soundcloud and Facebook  

– Jimi Jaxon