Gotta go with the Surefire Presents showcase for Day Two of Decibel Festival 2012. After hearing 2 Boiler Room sets from Objekt, he’s instantly become one of my favorite DJ’s, behind Erol Alkan and Pearson Sound aka Ramadanman (who co-runs Hessle Audio, the consistently unique label which released Objekt’s Cactus/Porcupine) . These sets move in unexpected ways, inducing a hypnotic journey rather than an aimless collection of tracks. I’ve posted his 40 minute set, but I suggest you head over to the Boiler Room site, make a free account if you haven’t already, and view his 60 minute set. Both are intriguing to say the least, but the latter mix really got to me.



As a producer, Objekt melds techno, dubstep, house, garage and 2-step in fearless ways. I’m eager to see this dude DJ at The Baltic Room come September.

Also on the lineup, we have Kuedo, performing a live set.


Pulling from the visions of Blade Runner, combined with dreamy interpretations of southern hip-hop, rap and footwork, his album Severant (Planet Mu Records) was released in October of last year.


XXXY opens the show with a live set as well.

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– Jimi Jaxon