Danny Brown is another name I’ve heard about lots, but just recently looked into. In preparation for my forthcoming Lucid interview on Disco Droppings, I’ve been in hip-hop mode. I gave this Boiler Room a listen, and woke UP. I get lit off these videos; Danny Brown has a rad mix of hilarious antics and genius vocal delivery. Add fiery beats and you have a Molotov cocktail of energy. The Boiler crowd can be sedated at times, but Danny got em’ hyped saying, “blunt, after blunt, after blunt, after blunt, after blunt, after blunt..”. I’ve listened through this set about 8 times now, I’ll be doing whatever and all the sudden I’ve got “She rubbin’ all on them titties like my name was Biggie. But I dont know no Diddy, but got Dirty Money with me”, stuck in my head. Makes me laugh. Hear “Witit”, “Radio Song”, “Lie4”, “I Will”, “Blueberry (Pills & Cocaine)” and “Blunt After Blunt” live.


Have to include Danny Brown’s interview with Nardwuar. Totally unaware of this Canadian wonder. As an interviewer myself, this guy is exactly what I aspire to; making artists feel at ease, and doing your homework out of respect for all their hard work.

“The Hybrid”, Danny Brown’s first album was released in 2010 (Rappers I Know), followed by “XXX” in 2011 (Fool’s Gold Records).

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– Jimi Jaxon