Mmm, the all powerful Radiohead. Surprisingly, this is my first post about the band. Amnesiac sticks with me as my favorite Radiohead record. This is their 5th studio album, recorded in the same studio sessions as Kid A (which blows my mind). Electronic music blends with jazz, classical music and krautrock on Amnesiac. I didn’t pick up on the themes of this record, but the band journeys into memory and reincarnation taken from Greek and Egyptian mythology (thanks Wikipedia). For the many who hold Kid A as their favorite Radiohead record, Thom Yorke describes Amnesiac as “another take on Kid A, a form of explanation.”. One of my favorite songs on this record is “Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors”. These very unique loops of sound were created using a Roland MC – 505 sequencer with found sounds taken from the OK Computer recording sessions.  

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– Jimi Jaxon