I’ve noticed some similarities between Andy Stott and Actress. I got a similar feeling from Stott’s new album Luxury Problems and Actress’s most recent lp, R.I.P.. With both releases, I felt like I’d been exposed to a vibrant new land, filled with deep sounds and perspectives. They both draw influence from and create techno, pushing out farther and farther into more experimental territory as time goes on. The two of them also had incredibly well written features on The Quietus. The writers on that site have a deep appreciation for music and a vast knowledge of other topics related to an artist’s work. Stott’s feature can be read here, it’s all about the importance of dirt.


The most memorable show for me to experience at Decibel Festival 2012 (besides the Warp show) was Modern Love’s with Cut Hands, Demdike Stare, Andy Stott and MLZ. The venue had a dark, basement kind of feel, perfect for the mood of the Modern Love label. Demdike Stare’s set felt like some sort of bass ritual, most of the crowd huddled close to their table, meditating on their dark rhythms and visuals. When Andy Stott came on after, I was working the front table, checking festival goers into the show. I could hear his set but was unable to see it. After only hearing “Passed Me By”, I was struck be the energy Stott created live. I was perfectly content absorbing his dense mix of experimental, glorious techno from a distance. I’ve never heard a set like that, and that feeling has stayed with me since. 

I’m pleased to say, Decibel is bringing Andy Stott back to Seattle in 2013. Catch him at The Crocodile with Bryan Zentz and Kid Smpl on January 19th! BUY TIX

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– Jimi Jaxon