Let it be known, Pokemon is very important to me. It may be my biggest influence outside of music, which is why I’m surprised this is the first pocket monster feature on Disco Droppings. I could write a detailed analysis about Ash Ketchum’s character, or how the world of Pokemon took over my life from elementary school on, but Origins has me narrowing in on this unique special series.

I was guided to Origins by my friend Sean Peranski Webb. I find it super admirable that he leads a team of Pokemon trainers, a real life master in the works. His TeamScyther is currently preparing for the VGC Tournaments, also known as Pokemon’s “Video Game Championship Series”, best of luck to them!

Unlike the TV series that’s gone on for over a decade, Origins is based off the video games, Pokemon Red and Blue. Lovers of Pokemon should be ecstatic over this approach, which is more loyal to the story. I was easily enveloped in this 4-part series; the animation is crisp, the battles have way more attitude and the story has plenty of depth. Emotions run high in many scenes, especially with the cute baby Cubone.

There’s a theme in Pokemon that I’ve taken to heart. It talks about the relationship between Pokemon and trainer. It’s not about exploitation or mere possession. The Pokemon and trainer are connected, and true mastery comes when this is realized, and the two become one. I’ve replaced these creatures with my music, and it’s helping to center my relationship. It’s rad that after all these years, Pokemon is still here teaching lessons to youngsters and adults alike.

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– Jimi Jaxon