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All this negative talk about Azealia Banks is annoying to me. Yeah, yeah..she doesn’t get along with people sometimes, but isn’t that true for all of us? Sometimes people pick and choose when they want to be offended, and all that passive aggressive judgment is so tired. I know when I pull up someone’s music if they are the real deal or not, and Azealia is more real than most. She’s young, she’s got attitude and she’s still learning about herself and how she relates to the world. Give her a break, calm down and enjoy the music.



P.S. Her debut album, “Broke With Expensive Taste” is set to drop in the very near future..

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– Jimi Jaxon



Few people work it like Beyonce. When I think of sass, I picture her wearing those chandelier sunglasses at the beginning of the “Diva” video. The entire visual presentation here is badass. The black and white effect, the dancing, posing, and the song itself is packed with attitude. Gets me hyped. The outro of the “Diva” plays a clip of “Video Phone”, a track and video that I also love. This one is just too hot to handle. It’s the only time I’ve been supportive of Lady Gaga, who does well back to back with Beyonce here. I just know that Bee is running things. 



– Jimi Jaxon