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All this negative talk about Azealia Banks is annoying to me. Yeah, yeah..she doesn’t get along with people sometimes, but isn’t that true for all of us? Sometimes people pick and choose when they want to be offended, and all that passive aggressive judgment is so tired. I know when I pull up someone’s music if they are the real deal or not, and Azealia is more real than most. She’s young, she’s got attitude and she’s still learning about herself and how she relates to the world. Give her a break, calm down and enjoy the music.



P.S. Her debut album, “Broke With Expensive Taste” is set to drop in the very near future..

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– Jimi Jaxon


I lost track of these “Diva Dayz” features. Planned on doing them weekly, apologies for slacking. The Destiny’s Child and Aaliyah features still receive lots of love, which is rad.

I’ve been on an Azealia Banks binge. Her work opens up a perfect opportunity to bring back my sassy female posts..this time with a serious punch. I had seen Azealia’s name pop up on just about every blog for a while, but for some sad reason I never listened to any of the music. Now that I finally have, she’s got a  ridiculously sick batch of songs to share, all by the age of 21. There’s this thing with blogs where we wanna be the first to share a new artist, or announce a new sub-genre, and part of me felt bad that I’m getting on Azealia Banks so late. But it doesn’t matter who heard or shared it first, what matters is that the music has connected with you. Now it’s time for Disco Droppings to celebrate what she has done so far, and her major plans for the future.


Last night I was out with my girl Caroline, checking out the Trashed night at Baltic Room. We felt the DJ’s played some interesting trax, but overall it didn’t go anywhere. The crowd seemed strange to me, I guess I’m just used to dancing and music being the top priority, not chatting and standing around. We left early and headed up to my #1 bar, The Pony. We had a lot of fun in there, and to top it off, as we were about to leave..”212″ from Azealia Banks came on. I lost my shit.



Banks is doing exactly what needs to be done. Connecting her insane rap skills, with producers of some of the most innovative electronic music around. I’d be jumping around her Youtube videos and say, “Oh shit, she’s working with Machinedrum!”, and then “Azealia is working with Lone? Rad!”, followed by “and Lunice?!” followed by “OHHHH SHE DID A TRACK WITH HUDSON MOHAWKE!”. Not to mention her collaborations with Diplo and Drums of Death.



Now with with major label deal with Universal Music, Azealia Banks is prepping her debut album entitled “Broke With Expensive Taste”. I’m not covering everything she’s been involved with, so for a nice history of where she’s come from and her exponential rise following “212”, read about it in Complex. Her EP 1991 is now available, have at it. Her new mixtape called “Fantasea”, is now available for free and I can confidently say, it is THE SHIT. Get em’ GRL!



Azealia Banks – Twitter Facebook Soundcloud

– Jimi Jaxon