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As I’ve mentioned before, Erol Alkan is my favorite DJ. His mixes are weirdly distinct, and he’s got this quirky personality that I really appreciate. He’s comfortable being in the background, recording for bands and running his label, Phantasy Sound. When he’s behind the tables, he presents a savage combination of genres and moods that wake me up anytime I listen in.  I’ll do a more detailed feature on Erol as an artist soon, but for now I’ll focus on “Disco 2006”. If you’re unfamiliar with Mixmag, it’s a DJ/club culture focused magazine that comes with a mixed CD in each issue. They named Erol Alkan “DJ of the Year” for 2006, and commissioned him to put together a mix. This set came out before Justice released “Cross” in 2007. As you’ll hear, Erol was very close to the Ed Banger Records crew around this time, including his remix of “Waters of Nazareth”, and tracks from SebastiAn and Mr. Oizo.


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– Jimi Jaxon


After an eventful weekend working/playing at Paradiso Festival, I’m back with new Disco Droppings features. A big thank you to anyone who checked out my set. If you enjoyed it, I’ll be playing at Space with Sphyramid for an afterparty (6/30). Unfortunately, the boys over at Space are moving to a new location. After this last string of shows for their Gentrifest, they will be on hiatus. Space has had me play more times than any other venue, and I’m happy that Sphyramid and myself will be there to represent 7 Deadly Records and Disco Droppings.

Now, this compilation from Ed Banger Records came out in February 2011. I was listening to it over the weekend and realized I never posted about it. If you’re unaware, Ed Banger Records is a highly influential, majorly badass french label run by Busy P. Their pro roster includes Justice, Mr. Oizo, Uffie, Feadz, Breakbot, Mr. Flash, SebastiAn, Kavinsky and the late DJ Mehdi among others. Instead of going the route of their previous Ed Rec volumes, the label changed things up, including Skream, Flying Lotus and Zombie Nation in the L.T.C.T compilation. The diversity of artists in this release is very refreshing. Get hyped..



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– Jimi Jaxon

At my first electronic show, Daft Punk’s “Alive 2007”, I witnessed SebastiAn and Kavinsky of Ed Banger Records perform a dual dj set. I didn’t who they were at the time, but I was hearing a rare collaboration. Both are key members of Busy P’s label, which is directly connected to Daft Punk (Busy P managed the duo for most of their career). Awareness of Kavinsky’s music was significantly increased after he contributed “Nightcall” to the “Drive” soundtrack. His past releases can be found on Bandcamp. Also, there’s a rad mix he did for Dazed & Confused last year. A new album is set to release in 2012, with SebastiAn (possibly) assisting in some form. Enjoy!





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– Jimi Jaxon


At the very last minute, the day before the show, I was given a free ticket to Justice at Paramount, after a friend couldn’t go. This show sold out very fast, I remember seeing the rad flyer and just being happy that a lot of people would get to see them in Seattle. My first time seeing Justice was for the “A Cross The Universe” tour at Showbox Sodo with Diplo. This was my first time hearing of Diplo, I remember my friends and I making fun of his name, we thought we were seeing Chromeo. Apologies to Diplo, I was dead wrong poking fun at him, his set was really cool and from time on, I became a fan of his label, Mad Decent. 

And now round two with Justice, this time at the beautiful Paramount Theatre. Breakbot, of Ed Banger Records, comes out looking super chill and goes into a classy, groove-tastic mix, the likes of which are rare for younger crowds around here to witness. Justice comes on and the crowd is HYPED. I had seen videos of their new live rig, but totally underestimated what it could do. The way the stage set up interacted with the music was brilliant, the center cross piece slowly spread apart at times, revealing a white, lit-up piano, where Gaspard and Xavier would play little melodies to their songs. Throughout the show, the stage and lights would get more and more involved, with new surprises at almost every transition. The whole set looked and sounded like a perfect evolution from the last time I saw them. Truly masterful artists, one of the best in the world. Cheers to Justice! 


You can view a nice high quality video from Justice live at Coachella 2012 here

– Jimi Jaxon