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Of course, the man mentored by my favorite DJ Erol Alkan is nothing short of marvelous. The more I learn about Daniel Avery, the more of a connection I develop with him. He’s got an open-mind and is now known for switching it up: playing anything that works to him, while still holding a strong narrative with his sets. The superb Quietus talked with him late last year, lovely conversation.

He’s enjoying this time period, where territorial attitudes towards dance genres are breaking down. The younger generation just wants something they can feel.

Journey into the world of Daniel Avery. A main room resident at Fabric, signed to Erol’s Phantasy Sound (hear Drone Logic) and dead set on reaching legendary status. Warning: this Essential Mix has blown speakers and brought people to tears.

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– Jimi Jaxon






Shortly after I pressed play on Erol Alkan’s “Influences Mix” for the Laura Leishman Project, I was reminded that he’s still my #1 DJ. I remember my trip to Coachella in 2010 with some buddies..I saw Erol in the dance tent, and was stunned at his execution. The beats were tough, his hair was long, and at some of the builds he’d hold his arms out horizontally like a modern day Jesus. It was a glorious display, and since then he’s always been at the top of my DJ list. He does a lot more than just DJ’ing of course; running Phantasy Sound, producing albums for Mystery Jets, Late of the Pier and The Long Blondes + collaborations with Boys Noize, Switch and Chilly Gonzales.



We now have his debut solo EP, Illumination. Cannot wait to play all these songs out, that’s all I’ll say. The top notch site The Quietus did a recent interview with Alkan about his new home studio, the EP and his influential Trash night. x

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– Jimi Jaxon


As I’ve mentioned before, Erol Alkan is my favorite DJ. His mixes are weirdly distinct, and he’s got this quirky personality that I really appreciate. He’s comfortable being in the background, recording for bands and running his label, Phantasy Sound. When he’s behind the tables, he presents a savage combination of genres and moods that wake me up anytime I listen in.  I’ll do a more detailed feature on Erol as an artist soon, but for now I’ll focus on “Disco 2006”. If you’re unfamiliar with Mixmag, it’s a DJ/club culture focused magazine that comes with a mixed CD in each issue. They named Erol Alkan “DJ of the Year” for 2006, and commissioned him to put together a mix. This set came out before Justice released “Cross” in 2007. As you’ll hear, Erol was very close to the Ed Banger Records crew around this time, including his remix of “Waters of Nazareth”, and tracks from SebastiAn and Mr. Oizo.


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– Jimi Jaxon