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This man. I can’t get enough, dude is just always on his own trip. Jimmy Edgar continues to dazzle the world with every one of his artistic endeavors. I knew when Machinedrum got the go ahead for an Essential Mix, his best buddy Jimmy wasn’t far behind. Head to Ultramajic lands now, this man is the supreme guide.


Jimmy Edgar – Twitter Soundcloud Facebook Youtube

Jimmy Edgar – Disco Droppings Interview

– Jimi Jaxon





Of course, the man mentored by my favorite DJ Erol Alkan is nothing short of marvelous. The more I learn about Daniel Avery, the more of a connection I develop with him. He’s got an open-mind and is now known for switching it up: playing anything that works to him, while still holding a strong narrative with his sets. The superb Quietus talked with him late last year, lovely conversation.

He’s enjoying this time period, where territorial attitudes towards dance genres are breaking down. The younger generation just wants something they can feel.

Journey into the world of Daniel Avery. A main room resident at Fabric, signed to Erol’s Phantasy Sound (hear Drone Logic) and dead set on reaching legendary status. Warning: this Essential Mix has blown speakers and brought people to tears.

Daniel Avery – Twitter Facebook Soundcloud

– Jimi Jaxon




While preparing to clean my filthy little room I thought, “I wonder what’s going on with Radio 1’s Essential Mix?” So I hopped over to their site to see who was in control this week. The man’s name is Shadow Child. He sounded familiar, but I wasn’t sure why. Host Pete Tong gave me the low down, and right as the mix began I knew, THIS was a journey I wanted to go on.


I know there’s a lot to Simon Neale aka Dave Spoon aka Revivalist aka Shadow Child, and I will take more time to learn and listen before going deeper. Really, I enjoy letting the music take the lead and explain what needs to be explained. So sit back, and take this in with me.

* Love Radio 1’s idea to have visuals accompany the mix, hope this continues!

Shadow Child – Twitter Soundcloud Facebook

– Jimi Jaxon



I have a lot running through my head right now. It’s a hectic time. Part of me wants to stay anxious, thinking of all these possible scenarios, wondering if everything will turn out alright. This Essential Mix from Disclosure coaxes me towards another mindset, another option. As I sit in rush hour traffic on my way to work, I can’t help but let go. Let the music lead..

– Jimi Jaxon


I’m cleaning my very messy room, while re-listening to the Atoms For Peace Essential Mix. Throwing away trash, organizing pieces and making space to breathe is a fitting analogy for what Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich have done in this 2-hour exploration. These songs have a distinct place in the musical landscape, not grasping onto cliches and instead taking you deep into the mind and nature of the world around you. On a production and sound quality level, I feel this is one of the more superior Essential Mixes created, since the series began in 1993.

I remember the first time I heard this mix, it was 4 am. I was so entranced by what I heard. Lying in bed with my headphones on, I felt like I was floating in this ocean of sound. I listened through the whole thing, and at 6 am thought, “what the fuck just happened?”. It was wonderful, and it is that kind of reaction that I hold onto as an artist.

Atoms For Peace – AMOK album, Facebook

Thom Yorke – 2013 RA interview

– Jimi Jaxon