I’m cleaning my very messy room, while re-listening to the Atoms For Peace Essential Mix. Throwing away trash, organizing pieces and making space to breathe is a fitting analogy for what Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich have done in this 2-hour exploration. These songs have a distinct place in the musical landscape, not grasping onto cliches and instead taking you deep into the mind and nature of the world around you. On a production and sound quality level, I feel this is one of the more superior Essential Mixes created, since the series began in 1993.

I remember the first time I heard this mix, it was 4 am. I was so entranced by what I heard. Lying in bed with my headphones on, I felt like I was floating in this ocean of sound. I listened through the whole thing, and at 6 am thought, “what the fuck just happened?”. It was wonderful, and it is that kind of reaction that I hold onto as an artist.

Atoms For Peace – AMOK album, Facebook

Thom Yorke – 2013 RA interview

– Jimi Jaxon