Local Hip-hop artists land on Disco Droppings. Wizdumb has become a buddy of mine, and tonight I’ll be reppin’ his debut album with Grief 78. Pick it up on their bandcamp for a small bit o’ cash, and download these 3 unreleased tracks by Wizdumb!

  Wizdumb, Spirit Bombs On Your Moms



DD: Whatsup wizdumb? Nice to spread out a bit from my usual electronic fueled blog. how you feeling about your debut album?

WIZ: Man……it was a long time coming..3 years almost…gotta give my respect to Grief for stickin’ with me thru the whole process and staying dedicated, if it weren’t for him it would have never happened. But yes, all in all I feel great about it. It’s nice to finally have an album under my belt.

DD: It is very, very smooth. How did you two get together and decide on making “Dope Definite”?

WIZ: Well, I’d love to say we met in the NY yards bombing train cars and trying to avoid the third rail…..hahaha…I actually stumbled upon Grief78’s myspace page one day when I was surfin’ thru my dude Pacoe The Illiterates comments. Noticed he was from Brooklyn, New York, so I took the time to give him a listen, not expecting what I was going to find. I heard his first track on there, and instantly fell in love with his music. I proceeded to hit him up via message, this was in 05 i think..told him I would love to do a song with him and sent him a track.

Few weeks later he returned my email with some lyrics he recorded over my joint. For the first time ever in my life I felt like I had found the perfect fit emcee to compliment my beats..I had never worked with someone before and was sooo happy with the final product, his flow and my production seemed to go hand in hand.

As the years past we did more tracks spread out in time, none of the beats on “Dope Def'” were made together, they were all different stages on production from me. “Dope Def'” was originally supposed to just be a 4 song E.P, but I managed to convince Grief to create an full album with me. And that pretty much sums it up.

Wizdumb, My Dream

DD: So you two have a deep connection- this being the first artist to really compliment your style and bring it all out well yah?

WIZ: Yes, we stay in touch a lot. We call each other on a regular basis, you know brothers from another. Sharrieff (Grief 78) is a good dude. I got mad respect for him, not only for his dedication to music, but also his dedication to his family..it’s hard to stay true to music when your a family man. He has an impressive discography as well. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to work with him.

DD: Very cool. You choose them well! what artists inspired you to get started with producing?

WIZ: Oh man…Well when it comes to beats I could name all the generics, Dilla, Madlib, Showbiz, Primo, Pete Rock, Metal Face Doom…etc. But more realistically I gotta give props to Specswizard (http://soundcloud.com/specswizard) & Ezraw (http://www.reverbnation.com/ezraw) , the first 2 doods who really turned me on to beats and hip hop production. Both local cats, please check em out they are very sick……but yeah in the bigger picture..

Wizdumb, Foxy Brown (Get Ass)

I’m a jazz freak, nothing can really top a good jazz composition to me, so I gotta be real and say when it comes to music in general, I thank all the amazing jazz musicians on vinyl who have blessed my speakers and my ears with the best grooves of sound I’ve personally ever heard. Namely, cats like Sun Ra, Ahmad Jamal, Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk, Miles, Wes Montgomery, Herbie….I mean the list goes on and on…Gil Scott Heron has definitively had a major influence on me as well.

DD: Very well said. With the jazz influence, are you into the beat scene explosion happening around low end theory in LA and Flying Lotus?

WIZ: I dipped my toes in a little bit when I was down there, I know Mr. Dibiase thru the SP forums and from linkin’ online with him, also have some connects with Samiyam, cant say I have really became part of it tho. I really feel those cats are the future of hip-hop production tho, they are living proof that quantization isn’t always dope.

DD: Cool cool. Do you have any plans for live shows soon? If people are in the NW area?

WIZ: Yess got one on March 3rd @ Tony V’s in Everett. Also got a radio spot on Feb. 13th on 90.7 kser

DD: Well I hope they all go very well. Very nice talking with you. Hope all you blog readers check out Wizdumbs debut album w/ Grief 78! Any last words?

WIZ: Yes I wanna send love out to all the homies, Lurkmusic, Abom, Gamin, TMS, Gabre, gotta give a shout out to my good friend Pacoe The Illiterate and all the Zay cats, you know who you are, big shouts to Grandgood.com, yellowdog.com, kser.org, Sp-forums.com, Clout Magazine. Gotta give love to all my EVT heads, Madshroom and the BMN fam! Moth, Noc, Ara, Corndogg, T11, Jonnybeats, Brynn Eden, Alaina z and all the rest. Love you all. Oh yeah, and anyone who listens to what I have to say and create.


– jimijaxon