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At the very last minute, the day before the show, I was given a free ticket to Justice at Paramount, after a friend couldn’t go. This show sold out very fast, I remember seeing the rad flyer and just being happy that a lot of people would get to see them in Seattle. My first time seeing Justice was for the “A Cross The Universe” tour at Showbox Sodo with Diplo. This was my first time hearing of Diplo, I remember my friends and I making fun of his name, we thought we were seeing Chromeo. Apologies to Diplo, I was dead wrong poking fun at him, his set was really cool and from time on, I became a fan of his label, Mad Decent. 

And now round two with Justice, this time at the beautiful Paramount Theatre. Breakbot, of Ed Banger Records, comes out looking super chill and goes into a classy, groove-tastic mix, the likes of which are rare for younger crowds around here to witness. Justice comes on and the crowd is HYPED. I had seen videos of their new live rig, but totally underestimated what it could do. The way the stage set up interacted with the music was brilliant, the center cross piece slowly spread apart at times, revealing a white, lit-up piano, where Gaspard and Xavier would play little melodies to their songs. Throughout the show, the stage and lights would get more and more involved, with new surprises at almost every transition. The whole set looked and sounded like a perfect evolution from the last time I saw them. Truly masterful artists, one of the best in the world. Cheers to Justice! 


You can view a nice high quality video from Justice live at Coachella 2012 here

– Jimi Jaxon


What a nice fellow Minerva is, and an intriguing producer as well. I talk with him about his upcoming Car Crash Set release, and what he’s been up to lately. Hear snippets of the tracks while ya read.


DD Hello Minerva! How are you? 

M First off I just want to say thank you for this opportunity.

I’m good thanks, it’s just been a crazy month sorting out a lot of things right now to do with my music, and also my personal life. I just got married last weekend, which was amazing but it meant I’ve had limited time in the studio, but now everything’s slowly going back to normal.

DD I receive promos from Car Crash Set, and your forthcoming “Noir” release is in the latest one. Terrific batch of songs! I have a show coming up and will definitely feature something from you, probably “Step Forward”, love that little vocal sample. How would you describe “Noir”, for those just learning about your work? 

M Thanks that means a lot, really glad you liked it and I hope it goes down well! I’d definitely describe “Noir”  as a mix of my sounds, and hopefully for someone listening for the first time, that it shows how I don’t like to be restricted to one scene or genre. Overall “Noir” hopefully showcases the direction I am going in with tracks like ‘Rethink’ and ‘Step forward’, crossing the lines between different styles of Bass Music, at least I hope that’s what comes across. 


DD I feature a lot of artists from the UK, but haven’t been there yet. What’s the environment like for artists over there? Do you have a crew you stay close with? 

M In the cities like London, Manchester, Bristol etc.. there is always an amazing buzz and little scenes popping up here and there. I was in Manchester nearly 3 years ago studying but had to move to a village an hour north of London due to family commitments. Since then I have had to rely on my friends in the cities for news on nights and exciting producers to check out, which is frustrating at times, but also a breath of fresh air in a way, due to being able to be completely isolated if I wish and work on music that isn’t overly influenced just by what’s the big thing that week.

DD I also enjoyed your Oh My/Heart City release on Car Crash Set last year. How did you connect with the label?

M Again thank you. 

From what I remember, I sent them a couple of rough tracks and they got back to me saying they liked my stuff, and have I got any new tracks I wanted to send over for them to have a listen to. I had just finished both “Oh My” and “Heart City” that week and sent them over. I had an email back saying that these were “the ones!” and it all went from there really. I honestly can’t thank them enough, a brilliant label to be part of and always putting out amazing releases and pushing new sounds.

DD What’s been keeping you inspired lately? 

M Just seeing how everyone is bouncing ideas off of each other, especially now with websites like Soundcloud. Whether they are from a full on Techno background or into writing soundscapes, it’s inspiring seeing people branch out and mixing new ideas together without feeling trapped into making one sound. 


DD Last words?

M Hopefully people will like “Noir”, I finally finish off all the tracks I have on the go, and also to keep an ear out for some really exciting projects in the pipeline. Starting work with a couple of amazing producers and I can’t wait to get some of the tracks out there.

Minerva: Soundcloud Facebook Twitter 

– Jimi Jaxon 

My producer buddies are on their A game. Tonight it’s all about Artek and his “Out of Touch” EP via B.YRSLF division. You can pick up the title track via XLR8R for free and/or purchase this fine release through Juno. Catch up with Artek below.. 


DD Back in December of last year I had you on Disco Droppings. In the interview you mentioned Hoodmode, who I was happy to feature recently. Thanks for the tip! Glad to have you back, what are you up to? 

A Yea still playing his tunes on the regular, still waiting on the new bits. Just trying to bang out loads of beats right now, got a few more projects in the works but can’t give any details as of yet.

DD Congratulations on the XLR8R feature last week, I remember posting “Out of Touch” last year, happy it’s getting some major support! 

A Yea probably is one of my strongest tracks to date. Happy that it’s been going down well, and that B.YRSLF went through the work to get it out there.

DD Your “Out of Touch” EP features 3 originals, 3 remixes + the bonus track “Zaalim”. This is some impressive music man! Where do you feel you’re at now as a producer? 

A I’d say I’ve improved a fair bit from about a year ago. Since all the tracks are very different, it’s cool to show people I’m not hooked on one sound. Just trying to get more “music” out now rather than stuff made for the dance.


DD How has the Sub.Fm show been going? G. Davies, who does the show with you, mentioned he’ll be stepping out. Has this changed the direction of the show? 

A We’ve always just played what each of us thinks is good in our own way, we have different tastes so it’ll just be like my section of the show…for the whole show. Quite a bit of good music coming out now and some from artists that have been in hibernation for a bit, which I’m excited to play.

DD Last words?

A Cop the EP so I can get some top notch flip flops for summer.


Artek: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud 

– Jimi Jaxon 

Actress is an artist that can put me in a such a unique mindset. I’ve given his “Splazsh” album countless listens and always marvel at the atmosphere created. He has just released his R.I.P album through Honest Jon’s Records, I don’t have it yet, but from these tracks I’ve heard via Youtube, I cannot wait to go pick it up.

His interviews with The Guardian and Dazed Digital take you deep into his vision, cheers to Actress!



P.S. If you’re in London, there will be an R.I.P launch party at Plastic People on 4/27

Actress on Twitter

– Jimi Jaxon


Been bumpin’ this Car Crash Set release for a while privately, and now it’s available on Juno. Support my bud James Arctic, he got the skills.

James Arctic: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

– Jimi Jaxon