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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again..Surkin is underrated. At least it seems like he is in America. Ironically his 2011 debut album, USA didn’t make as big of a splash in the states as it did in other countries (see my old Disco Droppings feature). I’ve been a Surkin cheerleader for quite some time, and he’s at it again with a new EP, out now on Marble. This French label was started by Surkin, Bobmo and Para One, and is also home to Canblaster, Das Glow and Sam Tiba to name a few. Surkin’s newest release is called the Advanced Entertainment System EP. To me, these tracks are in the vein of Rustie; an animated playfulness mixed with emotional vocals and sharp beats (see “Boot Screen”, “Stronger feat. Canblaster”). The track “Tiger Rhythm” has a Night Slugs kind of lean..I’m sure this will appear in upcoming DJ sets of mine. Comparisons aside, I like that Surkin is continuing to evolve as a producer, this release is unexpected and shows he’s willing to take some risks. 

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– Jimi Jaxon






Thanks to Rustie, I found Obey City. His tracks “Work Move” and “Fallin” are both featured in his Essential Mix. I couldn’t find these tunes outside the mix, but I’ve included some rad Obey City productions with his interview for Disco Droppings.


DD Both of us have applied for the Red Bull Music Academy 2012. Best of luck to you! I be your demo was very impressive. What attracted you to RBMA, and who would you like to learn from in the artist lectures? 

OC Thanks man, good luck to you as well. RBMA just seems like an ideal place to learn more about music production and the industry. The artists who have attended have gone on to do great things and the lecturers they bring in are top class. Plus they always pick a great city to host it. I’m sure all of the lecturers they bring will be amazing, but I think I said my top three dream lecturers would be Aphex Twin, Quincy Jones and Prince.

DD Did you know in advance you’d be featured in Rustie’s Essential Mix? I’ve been following him for a little while, and following up his album release with the Joker and Surkin remixes is soo incredible. 

OC No I had no idea, in fact someone texted me to tell me I was included before I even got a chance to listen myself. It’s one of the most impressive mixes I’ve heard in a long time and it was a really great feeling to be a part of it.


DD Where is the ideal place to experience Obey City live? 

OC I think it’s probably less about where and more about who is there, because I think the crowd really has the ability to change the vibe of the entire club/bar/space. However, a spot with a great sound system and some trippy lights wouldn’t hurt.

DD What releases do you have in the works? 

OC I am currently working on two EPs and a bunch of remixes to be released through a couple different labels. I like to keep people guessing though, so it’s all secrets for now.

DD Do you have a crew you enjoy hanging with? Some of other artists that compliment your mindset? 

OC Yes! My crew is Astro Nautico out of Brooklyn, which also serves as a label and blog that I help run with Kuhn and Paul Jones. All of the artists we release on the label are of the same mindset and I think we all compliment each other nicely. Additionally, I’m really feeling the vibes from Team Bear Club in Kansas and the Broke City Crew out of Brooklyn.

DD Last words?

OC Thanks for the interview, keep on rocking in the free world & doot doota loo doo.

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– Jimi Jaxon 

This Warp Records artist delivered a brilliant Essential Mix for the BBC last week. His blissful yet heavy, funked out environment in last year’s Glass Swords album is highly recommended. Rustie is showing us the future, re-wiring the spectrum of musical expression just as Hudson Mohawke and Flying Lotus continue to do. Rustie has included tracks from Dreams, The Blessings, Obey City, Surkin, Lone, Krystal Klear as well of many of his own stellar productions. Keep an eye on Disco Droppings, you may see some of these artists featured with interviews in the near future.



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– Jimi Jaxon